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Bike Hire

Regular Bike Rental

Our wide range of bicycles will suit all tastes and abilities. All of our bike rentals are carefully maintained and are of the highest standards available to rent.
We offer very affordable daily and weekly rates.
Prices are for a maximum of 24 hours.

Book Regular Bike Hire

Adult: €20 per day
Child (6-11 years): €15 per day
€90 per week

– All styles of bikes and sizes from 21 speed mountain bikes to 21 speed tours
– Puncher repair kits, locks and helmets included
– Tours can be arranged for groups of ten or more (guide excluded)

Electric Bike Rental

We also have a selection of Electric bikes for rent – All of our electric bike rentals are carefully maintained and are of the highest standards available to rent.

Book Electric Bike Hire

Cost: €30 euros per day

Safety Guidelines:
•Please remember that Cyclists share the road with motor vehicles.
•Keep to the left side of the road.
•Do not cycle on footpaths.
•Please show consideration to other road users and ride in single file so as not to impede others.
•Use clear arm signals when you intend to slow down, turn or stop.
•You must follow the Irish road rules and we recommend that you wear bright clothing.

We recommend that you bring some or all of the following items on your bike trip.
•A snack, such as cereal bars, fruit, or sandwich
•A light brightly coloured rain jacket in case it rains
•A hat to keep your ears warm if it’s breezy

Terms and Conditions
1. Helmets must be worn by ALL riders.
2.Baby participants must be at least 1 year old and be able to maintain both head and body in an upright position. They must also be able to wear a helmet.
3.Participants must be in good health and be able to operate and balance the equipment at time of rental. Participants must declare that they are in good health and that their eyesight is up to a good standard and that they are not suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect their normal control of the bicycle.
4.Participants are responsible for the rental equipment from the time the equipment is rented until the time it is returned. This includes damage and theft of rental equipment. The participan/hirer warrants and undertakes that he/she will further protect the interests of the bike by ensuring that the bike is always locked to a fixed object when unattended. The person signing the Hire Agreement Form will be held financially liable for any loss or damage to the equipment hired and is fully aware of these terms and conditions.
5.Late returns are subject to late fees.
6.Participants must inform us if the equipment is damaged or not working properly prior to use. This includes brakes, steering, tyres, drive shaft including pedals and any extras fitted such as child seats. If any problems are noticed then this should be reported immediately and another bicycle will be issued.
7.The hirer should understand that any cycling activity involves a certain element of risk. You are advised that any person using Mannions Cycles equipment does so entirely at their own risk. Mannions Cycles does not accept any liability for personal injury, loss or damage to property beyond its legal obligation.
8.Participants must comply with all traffic laws and ride with caution.
9.The hirer should understand and undertake that he/she will not operate the bike or permit the bike to be operated whilst unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed by road traffic legislation.