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Derroura Trail

Derroura Trail

This trail offers miles and miles of singletrack in the most spectacular setting imaginable with outstanding views of mountains, lakes and forests all combined with big climbs and big descents. It is a circular waymarked loop of around 16km with a little over 13km on singletrack; much of it over high ground and it is not for the faint hearted. This trail takes you in to some very remote places that are exposed to the full force of the weather and conditions can change in a few minutes so be prepared for anything!

Parts of the trail are technical, steep and rocky and you need to know how to handle a bike over all kinds of terrain including exposed rock slabs, boulders, mud, roots, loose gravel and even elevated timber boardwalks. Whilst some of the climbs feel like they go on forever, then again, so do the descents!

Coutesy of Coillte Outdoors.

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Skills needed: